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  • ABSTRACT - An abstract is an accumulation of the many documents that are logged against a precise piece of property and all of the parties in title. 
  • COMPLETE ABSTRACT- A thorough abstract will contain every single document recorded from inception at statehood.
  • SUPPLEMENTAL ABSTRACT- A supplemental abstract contains only documents recorded from a certain period. A supplemental can be prepared when there is previous work to come from; either a complete abstract that covers added land, or for an examining attorney who has previously examined title and is equipped with a prior complete opinion. A supplemental can also be prepared when we have a prior title insurance file and we are issuing title insurance for the new transaction.
  • FINAL ABSTRACTING- Final abstracting is the extension of an abstract, which has been erected or prolonged within the last 6 months. This type of abstract is usually ordered to show all the documents noted to meet requirements set out in either the attorney's opinion or the commitment for title insurance.
  • RE-CERTIFICATION OF AN ABSTRACT -Re-certification is typically requested when the abstract does not cover a sufficient amount of land. The request is usually to add further land to the same abstract.
  • MINERAL AND SURFACE EXTENSIONS - Abstracts are certified to Surface only exceptif the customer explicitly requests that we include minerals, in which case they are charged as Mineral and Surface Extensions as shown in the fee schedule.
  • TITLE INSURANCE TITLE REPORT- A title insurance title report is used in the issuance of Title Insurance. This typically replaces final abstracting when Title Insurance is issued.
  • TITLE REPORTS- Title reports or title information sheets are just for informational purposes only. These reports are not certified and do not show any filings prior to the last deed of record. They do not give a buyer or lender any sort of coverage.

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Our services include: Abstratcing, Title Insurance, Title Reports and Closing Service. Complete title, closing and problem solving needs.

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